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  • Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce

  • What is the Chamber of Commerce?

    The Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce is a Partnership of Businesses and Professional Individuals Working Together to Build a Healthy Economy and Improve the Community's Quality of Life.  We are a non-profit 501(c)(6) tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Membership dues are deductible for most Chamber members as a business expense, however, contributions to the Chamber are NOT tax deductible for federal tax purposes.  The Chamber is funded through membership dues, special events, and sponsorships.

    Mission Statement:

    To foster an environment to promote and support business relationships and community involvement in the region.


    The Chamber is Organized to Provide Business:

    • ADVOCACY - Represent the Concerns of the Business Community
    • INFORMATION - Foster an Environment that Supports Business Success
    • VISIBILITY - Provide Business Exposure
    • NETWORKING - Facilitate the Building of Business Relationships
    • COMMUNITY - Promote Business Involvement in the Community and Region


    Levels of Responsibility in a Volunteer Organization:

    MEMBERS - The group the organization was created to represent.

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS - The individuals elected by the membership to direct the affairs of the Chamber and represent their interests.  This is the POLICY LEVEL.

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - The individuals elected by the Board to serve as the organization's officers, each with specific duties.  This is the DIRECTION LEVEL.

    STAFF- Paid employees of the Chamber that are responsible for the day to day operation of the organization.  This is the MANAGEMENT LEVEL.

    COMMITTEES -  The membership of the Chamber working in small groups to achieve the organization's goals.  This is the ACTION LEVEL.

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