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    Industrial Protection Services, LLC


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    About Us

    Recognizing the need for a professional distributor specific to the fire service, Dick Murphy created Industrial Protection Services, LLC (IPS). He realized through the creation of IPS how much he would be able to help address the unresolved needs of fire departments throughout New England. With arduous work, time, and many passionate people, IPS proudly became the area’s number one fire service equipment distributor. Recognizing our strength in providing on-site sales in service, we pioneered the first mobile Air-Pak service truck in New England. We now have five such vehicles and an impressive team of highly trained personnel on the road to efficiently serve our industry, and we did not stop there. In 2004, IPS created another first by designing a truck that would allow us to hydro-test SCBA cylinders at all our customers' locations. Not only were we the first company in 2004 able to provide this as a mobile service, but still today in 2022, we are honored to say we are the only company able to do it. Every day each member of the Industrial Protection Services, LLC family is constantly looking for ways to better serve and meet the demands of our customers. We have been broadening our product line to provide the New England area fire service with a “One Stop Shop.”. We now carry, in addition to Scott Safety: Holmatro Rescue Tools, Fire-Dex, MSA/Cairns, Rae Systems and BW Technologies, Zodiac Milpro, Akron, AND MORE! At present, we have eleven people on our sales force and eight technicians in our service division, allowing IPS to currently serve all of NH, MA, & ME.

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