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    Since 1977, Pest-End has been providing quality services to residential and commercial properties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

    Pest-End is a strong proponent of Integrated Pest Management as we recognize that it provides a comprehensive approach to addressing pest control problems. Most importantly, IPM helps to reduce the use of chemicals and their harmful effects. Inspections are of paramount importance as they help in the early identification of pest problems. Early identification of a pest problem allows time to devise creative solutions to control the population such as implementing environmental, cultural and structural changes. Chemical treatments are only considered after all non-chemical options have been exhausted. Our more than forty years of experience in servicing a wide variety of accounts throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine has only reinforced the benefits of implementing IPM plans at our accounts.

    Pest-End also emphasizes the importance of fostering communication between our clients and our company. Ongoing dialogue between Pest-End and our clients is essential in our effort to achieve successful results in addressing and resolving pest control problems.

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